Motorcycles and scooters represent a growing movement of those who recognise the benefit of independent travel whilst also acknowledging their transport needs. To be sustainable you need to understand your consumption. A supercar capable of 200mph is unnecessary when localised speed limits and traffic see you not exceeding 30mph. A large family estate car is wasted when you’re the only person in the vehicle yet the motor is still working to move those unnecessary seats and bodywork that simply are surplus. When it comes to electric vehicles it is most important to understand your individual needs.  A significant factor in the cost of electric vehicles is the need for batteries. Consumers demand significant range despite only needing a fraction of that capacity daily.

To get started on a Motorcycle or Scooter you need to know what you can ride. With the Vmoto Soco range of Motorcycles and Scooters we offer a selection of different options to offer independent electric freedom to all. By keeping the weight down less power is required from the motor. With less weight Vmoto Soco riders benefit from the perfect mix of power, range and most importantly price. The major benefit of switching to electric is not only that you will be helping to improve air quality in your local area but also its hassle free compared to conventional motorcycles. There’s no oil to check, no chain to adjust, no lengthy servicing. Minor service inspections and hassle-free riding await.

Super Soco CPx lifesttyle image
Super Soco CPx being ridden lifesttyle image

Route to Riding

So you’ve picked out the perfect Vmoto Soco for you! You’re nearly ready to take to the road. Tick off the following steps and you’ll be ready to enjoy independent mobility.

Super Soco TSx electric motorcycle cutout image
  1. 01

    Get Trained

    Get CBT training completed if you’re new to riding. If you have a pre 2001 driving license you may be able to ride an AM category bike already but we recommend taking time to ensure you can handle a bike confidently before taking to the open road

  2. 02

    Read Up

    Check through your ownership documents to make sure you understand how to charge and look after your Soco.

  3. 03

    Rider Clothing

    Stay protected by making sure you have suitable motorcycle clothing to protect you from both the elements and injury.

  4. 04

    Number Plate & Tax

    Being electric you do not have to pay any tax but it’s important to make sure your bike is registered when taking to the road. You will have to notify the DVLA if you take the bike off road (SORN) or simply let them know you’re still using it in 12 months time.

  5. 05


    As a new vehicle you will not need an MOT for three years. Set a date to ensure that you don’t forget!

  6. 06


    Make sure you have insurance. Third party or fully comp is entirely up to you. You’re welcome to shop around but your dealer may also be able to help. We work closely with a few insurance companies to look after Soco riders. Find out more about them here.

  7. 07

    Enjoy Yourself

    Enjoy the benefits of reducing your commuting times, independent travel and guilt free emission free riding! Take your time when setting off and don’t rush yourself. You’ve now joined a biking community so have fun!